Baidu webmaster platform open registration launched a number of Webmaster Tools

station network September 16th news: Baidu Webmaster Platform ( now officially open registration to the station, which had been Baidu account owners can directly access the domain name into Baidu Webmaster Platform. Baidu Webmaster Platform in 2010 launched in March, has been in a closed state, the webmaster need an invitation code to register experience. In August A5 was combined with the launch of Baidu A5 redeem Baidu Webmaster Platform (sitemap) invitation code, the first and the second period have received positive response to the webmaster. The Baidu Webmaster Platform officially opened, did not get the invitation code before the owners can see it.




webmaster can use Baidu webmaster platform tools to optimize the site, get web crawling, search engine optimization and other help information. Baidu webmaster platform for the owners to provide Sitemap, Ping, URL optimization recommendations, site security testing, website submission channels, free Baidu search code and other commonly used webmaster tools. Through the submission of Sitemap to help Baidu better find links to get URL optimization recommendations; through the webmaster platform, the webmaster can also communicate with Baidu. Read the search engine optimization guide, visit the club to get more information, feedback to Baidu or ask questions. The Sitemap tool is measured, need to activate the use. The webmaster can send mail to [email protected] to get the activation code. Please fill in the title of the application platform activation code, the text needs to include your site information and contact information.

Baidu webmaster platform is introduced through the webmaster tools to help webmasters better understand their website and communicate with the search engine. With the help of the webmaster platform, you can speed up the discovery and crawl Baidu web pages, through detailed data statistics, the webmaster can be more proactive for Baidu site optimization. At present, the platform is still perfect, I believe there will be more features open to the webmaster.

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