Planning and promotion of commercial websites

only this article provided to do industry electronic business class station or commercial station webmaster, many novice webmaster to Baidu search, check how similar website promotion, website how to do traffic, remember when I just do the station to do, can be said that most of the network in addition to knowledge by experience a lot of accumulation, but also through the network to learn, the key is to know how to use it flexibly. There are a lot of information on the website promotion, is the most monotonous, and lack of some essential concepts, not blind to see what others do their own station, then do what station do not see what the website traffic, also one of the contents, and then to collect it, this is not feasible, the first location want to do good website before, I think in the location, with the popularization, development potential, users need to have Internet users, the market, a clear profit model, the several aspects to consider, if you can own innovation, that is the best. If there is no way to innovate, it is best to choose a suitable for their own professional or knowledge of the site to do, so there will be an advantage. Positioning and analysis is best done as follows:

­ after learning from the experience of their predecessors and their own progressive exploration of the experiment, summed up the promotion of the industry website construction and planning some of the programs, I hope to help novice webmaster, as follows.

first, site positioning and analysis

web site analysis: the site of their own anatomy analysis, the purpose is to find the site of the basic problem;

site positioning: the enterprise website for e-commerce positioning, clear site location;

website model analysis: analysis of the site’s e-commerce model, and the site to match the e-commerce model;

industry competition analysis: the analysis of competitors on the same website, the competition of the industry, the comprehensive analysis of the industry website;

web site development plan analysis: Web site short term planning and implementation of long-term development strategy feedback analysis.


two, site diagnosis


website structure diagnosis: the site’s structure is reasonable, whether efficient, convenient, whether in line with the user access habits;

web page diagnosis: page code is streamlined, the page is clear, the page capacity is appropriate, the color of the page is appropriate;

file and file name diagnosis: file format, file name, etc.;

System analysis: access

statistics system installation, background analysis, regional analysis, visitor analysis, keyword analysis;

promotion strategy diagnosis: website promotion strategy is effective, whether it is backward, whether the use of composite promotion strategy.

three, marketing analysis

keyword analysis: keyword is appropriate, keyword density is reasonable, etc.;


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