Understanding the essence of network marketing from the moral classics

Lao Tzu’s "moral classics" is an important classic of Taoism, and it has a profound impact on China and the west. For our "moral" Mr. Lu Xun said: "the root of the Chinese in Taoism", however, is the Lao Tzu basic classic Taoist "Tao", the highest belief of Taoism is "Tao Lao Tzu".

today, this article we do not speak of the "moral classics", but from the "moral classics" in the network marketing ideas. Some people may say that the two can also be linked together, in fact, all of us are related, but we are missing. Well, to enter the theme, first look at the "moral classics" in a paragraph of the original text:

Road, Tao, Heng dao. Name, name, non constant name. Nameless, the beginning of heaven and earth. The mother of all things. Guchang desire to view point. Often want to view its border. Both with a different name, with that of hyun. Mystery of mysteries, all the wonderful door.

interpretation: "" if you can use words to express, it is often the "Tao" ("Tao" can be expressed in words to, it is not a general "Tao"); "name" can be used if it is to name the language, often "name" ("name" can be that it is not the common "name"). "No" can be used to describe the world of chaos opened on the occasion of the situation; "", is the name of origin of the universe. Therefore, it is necessary to observe the mystery of "Tao" from the "no", and to observe the clues of "Tao" from "yes". And have both the same and different source name, can be called the mysterious and profound. It is not generally abstruse and esoteric, but subtle and abstruse, profound and far-reaching, is the mystery of the world total gate universe (from "famous" secret to invisible secret, "Tao" is profound insight into all the way to change).

Road, Tao, Heng dao.

Shi: here the "Tao" can be understood as a marketing mode, marketing mode can become a model, it is definitely someone to good use, and achieved success. But we also found that after a successful, we will find that this model will be a lot of imitation. So we need to progress, only to continue to explore and learn, so that their network marketing to keep up with the needs of users. Although it can be said, but not necessarily be able to succeed in any industry, so we need to combine their own industry innovation.

name, name, non constant name.

: here the "Shishuoxinyu", can be understood as a corporate brand image, brand image is not a short duration of time can be established, and is not a common name. For the brand, there is a positive side, there may be some negative information, this time, we need a good public crisis. Properly handle the crisis of the brand public, will allow yourself to get an unexpected name. The use of network marketing to establish the brand should be based on good faith, ease >

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