Artists raised platform to raise 30 million Patreon financing

artists to raise public platform Patreon has just received a $30 million round of financing, this round of financing led by Thrive Capital cast, Allen and Company, Charles River Ventures and Index Ventures, etc.. So far, the total amount of financing Patreon has reached $47 million 100 thousand.

Patreon is a project founded by Jack Conte and Sam Yam in 2013. In Patreon, the artist can take their work to sell directly to the fans, many other crowdfunding sites will require artists to create a new project, but Patreon let those creative artists continue to complete the things you love, or the ongoing creation. Pateron users can sponsor a certain amount of money for their support artists to help them complete the creation of new content. Patreon will extract 5% of the cost.

open the Patreon web page, not to see all the congregation raised platform to recommend a variety of projects, but each artist and his works show. Each artist will upload a self introduction video, describe the personal information and works, and then introduce the use of funds and how to get the return of supporters. In the funding threshold, the minimum Patreon only $1, the artist can freely set other amounts, such as $3, $10, etc.. Different from the hundreds of thousands of dollars of financing Kickstarter, Patreon to raise the public as Patreon the meaning of the name: small patron.

currently, the number of artists on the Patreon platform has more than 17 thousand people, covering a total of 15 categories of art, including animation, photography and handicrafts, etc.. In 2015, the number of works on the platform grew by 80%.

intends to use this round of financing to expand the product and R & D team, but also invest more resources to develop App.

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