A business failure for the self described entrepreneurs

choose to start a business, this is a very difficult choice, your choice is risky, so there are many entrepreneurs who failed. The so-called failure is the mother of success, the key is to see how you stand up, here is a business failure of the readme, I hope you can learn from it.

first they introduce it, I let the friend called "YJ", the B, C, A and D, the 5 of them, including YJ and A in B C, Beijing Jun, Jun in a well-known Internet Co in Hangzhou, Mr. D University in the provinces, is said to be a a master programmer, 5 of them, most of them just graduated not long, further the relationship between the 5 individuals: not, is fellow classmates. I think the first choice to start a friend so

see until 2012, the technical scheme and market research took three months, but most of the contents are a reference to the Amoy network, YJ will often tell me a Amoy how, to tell the truth, I didn’t understand him, even the clouds, and D Jun college didn’t participate in to them, the rest of the people are busy with their work, leisure time and development. They agreed that: whether it is the program, code, templates, pages have to write their own, from scratch to build a website. This state continues until the Spring Festival, even the shadow of the site did not see.

1: there’s an idea that has everything

often chat with YJ, can feel a breath of his future leadership, more vitality and energy, that his ideas are a lot of good resources, rich, good firm eyes. First of all, I admit that the idea of making a price comparison is very good, it is also a trend. Is it enough to have a good idea? They have their own work, do not concentrate, behind what to drag on for a long time, or even settle a matter by leaving it unsettled. So called, 5% of the execution of the idea +95% can be successful.

2: do a website is venture

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