Return home Entrepreneurship letinous edodes dream


has a good job and income, from the countryside out of the 70 post is always thinking about home. When there is a chance, he resolutely chose to return to the countryside from the city, in the home use of letinous edodes began the cause of entrepreneurship.

"note that bacteria stick moisture, must not dry, pay attention to proper ventilation, good control of mushroom room temperature……" In Yan You Fang Xiang Liu Meiying letinous edodes greenhouse, letinous edodes is the master on the cultivation and management of letinous edodes’s technology to agriculture.


quit high salary "to" hometown of

Work piece

by chance, a chance, a power saw a business opportunity in the market: edible broad market, home and no heavy industrial pollution, fresh air, and now the local government also vigorously support the farmers home business, why not to try their own business? So, he took these years of savings back home, embarked on a different path of entrepreneurship……

Hancheng "true man" outside the

Do not understand at first

never had contact with edible fungi cultivation, but with full enthusiasm for entrepreneurship, the pioneering spirit of young people, he began learning. In 2010, quit his job in Shanghai, personally to the letinous edodes Inner Mongolia County Baochang planting base for apprenticed". In 2012, Zhang began to work in the site recommended Liu Jia Ying

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