China West Normal University Sichuan province college students innovation and entrepreneurship Cult

to encourage college students to work in innovation and entrepreneurship, colleges and universities are seeking the most effective means of education promotion. China West Normal University, Sichuan province held a college student innovation and entrepreneurship Festival, the first time to promote innovation and cultural activities in the form of cultural festival.

12 at 4 pm on, the opening ceremony of the first college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship Culture Festival of China West Normal University and the "Challenge Cup" competition in 2015 was held in the academic report hall of Huafeng campus library. School party secretary Wang Anping, vice president Nie Yingde Li Jian, deputy secretary of the Party committee, organization department, science department, the Communist Youth League school, scientific research department, research department, Department of finance, school cooperation, University Science and Technology Park, logistics department, asset management company and other departments responsible comrades, the college party and government leadership, commended the student representative well, the innovative entrepreneurship and representatives of more than 350 people attended the meeting. Conference hosted by the science department minister Long Hanwu.

Congress awarded a prize and certificate of honor for winning team and individual in 2015 "Challenge Cup" University and provincial competitions, teams and individuals to obtain national and Provincial College Students’ innovation and entrepreneurship training program project awarded project grants and project notice, and for college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship Club school mentor award the letter of appointment. Recommended

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