How to step by step yidaitianjiao Ma

is the number of Ma entrepreneurs want young people to worship idols, with extraordinary courage and wisdom, the electrical business big boss, fully deserve the yidaitianjiao, let us look at Ma Road of entrepreneurship is how to step by step.


group began roadshow in New York from September 8, 2014 more than and 10, subsequently moved to a city in the United States, and the end of this roadshow tour in Manhattan on September 18th. Alibaba founder Jack Ma participated in the roadshow.

if successful listing, Ma will become China’s richest man. 26 years ago, he started his career in a university in Hangzhou. In Ma Yun before the gods, and 80 inspirational entrepreneurs together to review Ma Yun’s entrepreneurial path:

venture project selection

1988, 24 year old ma graduated from Hangzhou Normal University, was assigned to teach at Hangzhou Insitute of Electronic and Technology. At that time, more than 500 graduates in Hangzhou Normal University, Ma is the only one to be divided into the university to teach undergraduate students, others are divided into secondary school teaching. At that time the reform and opening up has been 10 years, people active thinking, no longer rare so-called iron rice bowl, but more emphasis on how to make money. Ma Yun is active in the school is a name, in order to prevent Ma Yun had other ideas, but also to set a good example for the school, was the Vice Chancellor of the Hangzhou Normal University, Huang Shumeng and Ma Yun developed a "about 5 years" to the school 5 years away.

Ma did not want to live up to the expectations of the old leadership, they happily agreed. Taught at Hangzhou Insitute of Electronic and Technology, Ma is a lecturer in English and international trade. Ma Yun had a way of teaching, he does not love him more rigid What I say goes. teaching, hope students can actively grasp the knowledge. So, Ma Yun in the classroom from lack of laughter, the students are very in love with Ma Yun’s class, Ma Yun class often All seats are occupied.

at the same time, he launched a "English corner" in West Lake, in the translation industry has gradually gained some fame. At that time, the rapid development of the national economy, and in Hangzhou and even the whole country, both English and understand the trade is scarce. In Hangzhou to do foreign trade business of private enterprises gradually increased, the demand for translation services is also increasing. So, many bosses look for him to do English translation. But he can only do part-time, not full-time, because he and the old president of the 5 year of the covenant has not expired.

Ma for the past few years to teach the college life is very valuable. Today, Ma has been transformed into a successful entrepreneur, but when he was teaching at the University of the day, he also miss: I am a teacher, I have taught in the University for 6 years." In 2004, Ma Yun returned to his alma mater, Hangzhou recommended

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