Entrepreneurial story experience gained after the first venture

many successful entrepreneurs may have several entrepreneurial experience, in the business on the road a Fengshun is almost zero, how not experienced rain rainbow, is an entrepreneur’s first venture failed to share the following experience.

recently a lot of platforms have shut down its O2O channel, it reminds me of one of my early founding and operation of the first O2O project Chinese.

however, in 2007 eleventh (284th overall) of the "sales and marketing" magazine page seventy-fourth, four edition published an article "three-dimensional breakthrough, integration times pioneer", recorded one can now use the name O2O liquor business model project. I am the author of the article. Yes, the article is that I later on the dynamic failure of entrepreneurial projects, made a profound record and memory.

in recent days there are some read my friends and my WeChat business review, flesh out my article that year, have the foresight to praise me. However, what is the good foresight? Born Under A Bad Sign, no day, no matter how good the project is.

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