Wuhan CPPCC members proposed the establishment of disabled entrepreneurship Park

according to statistics 4 years ago, the number of disabled people in China has more than 85 million people. Due to physical inconvenience, many people with disabilities is difficult to find a suitable job. Entrepreneurship is a way out for people with disabilities.

"disabled will start rising, but its entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial environment there is a big gap, entrepreneurial success rate is very low." In the discussion yesterday, the Wuhan municipal CPPCC members, Qiaokou District CDPF Zhou Hua suggested that the national wave of entrepreneurship should not forget the disabled.

Zhou Hua introduced by the end of 2015, the city all kinds of disabled employment number 34126 people, the employment rate of only 36.31%, far lower than the employment rate of healthy people. Which focused on the employment of 5656 people, individual employment of 3165 people, the community employment of 775 people, public welfare posts of 990 people, rural breeding of 13415 people, people with disabilities is not ideal.

Many disabled friends told me, "

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