Cafe interior decoration principles should be followed

coffee is love foreigners drink, beginning to China when regarded as a luxury, now with the Chinese people’s consumption level is increasing, is no longer a luxury, the cafe is the leisure and business exchange place, then, the cafe more features, tea, cocoa, alcoholic drinks, all kinds of snacks and dairy the dishes are available, let the coffee business is no longer a single. The following is the principle of coffee house decoration:

cafe interior decoration decoration to a principle, combined with the characteristics of Lenovo coffee unique decoration is not only a visual stimulus to consumers, it is more important that consumers have entered the shop know there might be some what.

Two principles of

cafe interior decoration, decoration to have advertising effect

is to give consumers a strong visual stimulation. The cafe facade decoration into unique shapes or strange shape, to create new styles in appearance. In order to attract consumers. This requires:

1, the best coffee in the dark or weak set mirror this has the advantage that the mirror can reflect light, make the coffee more bright, more eye-catching, more lustrous. Some coffee shops with the whole wall as a mirror, in addition to the above benefits, but also gives people a sense of increased space.

2, cashier set on both sides of the bar and should be higher than the bar.

3, make full use of various colors

there is a great demand for coffee, want to run a coffee shop, the need to pay attention to the details of the decoration of the time is still pretty much, with purple tone, layout look gorgeous and noble; with the yellow tone, layout is soft: the blue tone, layout is subtle; a dark the tone arrangement is generous, clean and tidy; in white tone, the layout is no angry; on a red base wither, the layout is warm. The use of color is not a single, but comprehensive.

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