nternet Entrepreneurship 44 disabled people to learn to do micro Business Entrepreneurship

Internet development has also brought a very good business platform for the disabled entrepreneurs crowd, in Huizhou there are 44 persons with disabilities learn to do micro entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial environment is getting better, anyone can come to realize their entrepreneurial dreams!

the training, 44 disabled persons from all counties attended from March 28th to 30, 3 days of training. During the training, the public cloud business elite instructors members come to lectures, analysis of micro business trends, explain the derivative theory knowledge, detailed micro business practice, the students experience the micro business marketing under the guidance of the teacher. After the training, each participant was awarded the certificate.

Canlian disabled employment training center relevant responsible person told the reporter: This is my East, held for the first time this year, micro entrepreneurship training, our city will be held by the e-commerce training courses, entrepreneurship training, disabled Blind Massage training, computer training, blind blind planting training to help the disabled employment.

Zhang Jianjun is always on the micro business, Taobao is interested in, before he also opened a Taobao shop selling shoes, because shoes are not familiar with can not find good sources, and don’t know the promotion, business has been good, but I can not do.


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