need to meet the conditions of my steak

food and beverage industry has a lot of ways to divide the project, of course, to the first division of the characteristics of food and beverage, with the form of business, as well as to the characteristics of dishes. No matter what cuisine restaurant seems to have buffet style, such as steak, steak buffet to join in the project project is very popular. There are a lot of self-help brands, Xiaobian for you to recommend my steak buffet project. What about this steak? Let’s have a look at it.

what do I need to meet my steak


my steak originated in 1987 in Taipei city of Taiwan Hejiang Street Park adjacent to the fashion, taste theme restaurants, 20 years of constant pursuit of growth, now has several stores in Taiwan


my steak fresh, authentic advocate healthy nutrition food culture! Choice materials fresh steak and related ingredients, to ensure good quality of food and only in my home to eat the unique taste. Consistently provide you with fresh cooked delicious steak, the quality of the special buffet food!

my steak buffet join conditions:

The effects of

on my steak in the cafeteria management mode of independent and full, have a complete understanding of business prospects and risk my steak in the cafeteria, willing to engage in business activities of unified catering Catering Management Company Limited in Yantai on business model, franchise operators become.

1. on the identity of Yantai meal Catering Management Limited company culture.

2. will be my steak buffet as their own business, and into the management.

3. obey the headquarters of the unified management, willing to accept the headquarters training program.

4. ability to manage finance.

5. franchise store area of not less than three hundred square meters. (need to select the ideal position after the headquarters Assessment Research)

6. be able to recruit and manage all of the managers and employees required to operate my steak buffet.

7. with independent management and strong interpersonal skills.

8. has a good credit, funds obtained legally, for investment in my steak special funds shall not be less than two million yuan.

above is a simple introduction to my steak buffet, if you are interested in the home of my steak buffet can give us a message.

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