What are the problems that should be paid attention to

shop business, this is not an easy thing, especially now that the competition is so fierce, the major operators, will naturally have more attention we need to pay attention to, so as to ensure that the popular business development. So, what are the problems that should be paid attention to? Let Xiaobian for you to analyze.

a, funding problems


lighting store to consider first is capital problem, the first is the positioning of their products in the face of the crowd, is to take the high-end route or take the cheap route, to choose their own route according to the geographical conditions; and regional issues, the two or three line of the city is about 10 to about 200 thousand, to first-tier cities according to their own store size ranging from 30—50 million. To achieve the removal of housing rent, water and electricity, as well as the purchase of funds and other hand there are about 5—10 million working capital.

two, brand positioning problem

domestic and foreign brand lamps numerous, can choose one of two big brands to attract customers, other products you can choose to write a small brand, because the store in the capital was very nervous may not directly make the brand to join unless. Large lamps can not choose the brand is mainly to give consumers a comparative choice.

positioning good lighting shop to face the crowd of customers to purchase processing. For the early entrepreneurs suggested to take the middle route, so there is still a certain advantage in the capital as well as sources. In addition to doing business in the market research and market planning work, fully aware of their own market in order to sell their products.

three, site selection

lighting store size, store location choice for the future of your lighting hits is the key. The size of the store can be determined according to their own financial resources. Lots of choice in the building materials market or other lighting shop around, if the above are not, then you can choose the way customers buy building materials.

four, supply problems

Two cases of

. One is to join their own marketing. Join in the early days of the friends do not suggest there is no strong financial resources to do, jiamengfei quite expensive. There is one stock, the flexibility is good, when the choice of purchase can choose some big brands as business products, other brands in the choice of a part of the lighting, suggest that in the time of purchase to consider the number of lighting styles as well as the number of purchase, each no more than 3 kinds of styles of lighting, lighting in the same style to purchase 3-5 is appropriate, so as to save money but also to avoid the backlog of goods.

five, shop >

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