We need to watch out for the new scam in the cigarette market

liar is really numerous, in various industries have, but also with the development of the market continue to come up with more cheat trick, so many people cheated. The boss Zhang Nanning Qingxiu district a hotel name cigarettes were on weekdays, smiling, ruddy. His business has been very good, and there are many large customers, cigarette sales are very good.

travel only a few days ago, the clerk in order to sell cheap performance a few cigarettes, happened to be the tobacco monopoly departments are a hit, after that, the supply of several brands of cigarettes limit. Although the supply does not matter, at least the cigarette sells several brands, but limited supply are consumer goods store, there are several large customers just hurry to go, so Zhang boss a few days to bend the brows, preoccupied by some troubles.

one day, on the counter of the mobile phone suddenly rang, Zhang boss picked up the phone, a local accent man asked directly on the phone: "be a boss?"

"Yeah, who are you?" Zhang boss replied.

"I am who you don’t have to worry, you are not a few days ago checked, now smoke limit several brands of products?" The man on the other end of the line said carelessly.

"who are you? How do you know this?" Zhang boss asked puzzled.

"you don’t have to know how I know, I am an internal staff, must understand your situation, or where you have a telephone number." The voice on the phone is firm.

"Oh, how are you doing?" I am now selling cigarettes are not fast to sell, and the rent here is expensive, can not stand fast!" Zhang boss said quickly.

"do you want to open the door right away?" Ask the phone.

"yes, of course, but the manager told me not so fast." Zhang boss looks very anxious.

"the average person is certainly not so fast, if you want to ‘open for’, I give you an account, do you know how to do it?" The man on the other side of the phone said quietly.

account?" Zhang boss asked puzzled.

"this year, you will not let me give you run?" The man on the phone was a little angry.

"how much do you want?" Zhang boss asked.

ten thousand, I first go to ask the situation, you give me 6000, if the problem is good to deal with again to the 4000, so you do not suffer." The voice on the other end of the phone is very easy. < >

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