Store business needs to do with the times

now many shopkeepers in the store is always holding some traditional ideas, even if society has made great progress, but the store is still the most traditional way of doing business, the long-term development of the shops will naturally very unfavorable. So, in fact, the store needs to do business with the times, so it will be helpful for the operation of the store.

the author of the shop is relatively small, usually no large business, are generally cash checkout. Although it is now known as credit card spending has become a popular trend, the major business super, the facade of some of the larger retail stores are configured to provide credit card POS consumer, not many customers before the card, there is no application for credit card machine. Earlier this year, a customer asked the question. Boss, you can swipe it?" How do not do a POS machine, and now do not want to go out with too much money on the body, with a card easy and convenient." Because there is no shop credit card, the customer still took cash account, see his disappointment.

one day, a familiar customer carrying two cigarettes to the store to buy some small things, he said, in the big supermarket brush credit card to buy, although there is more expensive than you buy the shop, but do not dig out cash". I carefully pondering, perhaps because the store can not credit card, the customer would like to shop will be transferred to other store consumption, thinking can not be a credit card may lead to loss of customers, in particular.

can not always take the eyes of the store to do business, have to keep up with the pace of the times, or the business will become more narrow, not stop. So, I hurried to the bank to apply for, get the answer is now do POS procedures more complex than before, need to prepare business license, tax and national tax registration certificate, ID card, seal. I have all the documents ready, to the bank to fill in the data application, the bank to store photos submitted after the approval of the Bank of china. By the end of February, the store was finally able to credit card spending, and the hearts of a glimmer of hope.

POS machine into the store, did meet some of the habits of consumer credit card spending. Tobacco and non-staple food, low profits, small amounts of money are generally not credit card, buy some high-grade tobacco, the whole wine consumer credit card customers will choose. Later, the store also replaced by a cigarette shelf, the counter for a new two, increase the number of tobacco varieties; with the detector, in order to avoid counterfeit money into the shop at the same time, the change will help some older customers put the money over, let their hearts more trust in the store.

inadvertently found that the store has improved the level of cigarettes, because more people buy high-grade cigarettes, buy the whole drink, the whole cigarette customers are also up. Frequent customers and manufacturers salesman praise the shop "small but complete", although the area is not large, equipped with hardware equipment complete.

in the business process, for new products, we have to be happy

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