Wang Zhifeng resigned to open shop monthly income of over million

resignation venture, such a move how many people will come down to do? How can we create a real profit after the return? Perhaps it is because of such concerns, will make it difficult for many people determined to start a business. While Wang Zhifeng was born in 1984 is a beautiful love and good at dress girl, she quit her job in December 2007, he opened a shop, with only half a year, she earned nearly 200 thousand yuan, the monthly income of 15000 yuan in the stable.


Wang Zhifeng summed up the online experience is: 6 "must" not less — must take to practice typing speed is the fastest, must choose their own love project, be sure to find adequate and stable supply, must pick customers love the goods must take each guest as a friend, we must wholeheartedly to adhere to the investment.

a book called the idea of open shop

2007, Wang Zhifeng graduated from the Shenyang Normal University, after Anshan became a joint venture company secretarial, the monthly income of 2000 yuan. After working for several months, she began to feel that she was not suitable for the job. At that time, Zhu Deyong’s "funny girl" trend in many young people’s heart, a new term "beat girl" has become the focus of many netizens talking about at leisure.

"beat girl" refers to those with QQ grow together, and then in the pat online shop business young women. This part of the women are "80", they have received higher education, young, fashion, the pursuit of free life, they are active in daring Ganpin, pat net, began operating their own shops for their efforts. At this time of Wang Zhifeng, but also to the fans, if they open a shop will be?

decided to quit his job and open a shop

Wang Zhifeng thought itself to the girls dressed very well, if you open the store, on the one hand can be their good side play, on the other hand in the online shop no store so much risk, and investment is not large, should be a try. Today, more and more people in the online shopping, but also their own vision is good, I believe that the prospects for this industry must be good.

thinking after nearly half a month, Wang Zhifeng decided, "I want to quit the job, to open his own shop. If the product is too popular, will not attract more consumers. The price of the goods must be accepted by the consumer, and the style should be unique and novel, in order to meet the modern people like different personality."

after a market investigation, Wang Zhifeng finally locked on the target of "Korean clothing". The target is fixed, December 2007, Wang Jian

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