Guidelines for successful clothing stores

Some of the clothing store

is now the market the market competition is very fierce, and many business process managers want in the clothing store in the game, you need to have some shop business clothing law timely.

1. site selection

6 "techniques"

2. display article

The 3 level

store display according to the objectives and the different results, we can roughly divide it into 3 levels: 1, 2, and specification; reasonable harmony; 3, fashion style.

1, neat, standard. First of all, the store should be kept clean, clean, clean, no dust on the clothing shelves, cargo piled up, hanging flat, bright lights. Specification is the division of the market, the size of the shelves, clothing goods display, folding, sample, and so on, to be able to follow the brand or the normal implementation of the standard.

2, reasonable and harmonious. Sells the channel planning to recommend

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