What kind of business do not know the store

is now a lot of entrepreneurial people, there are a lot of people are considering entrepreneurial things, initially, referred to entrepreneurship, a lot of people can think of the shop, open the company, etc., a simple summary, there is an entity to do business. And now, with the new entrepreneurial form constantly burst, no store entrepreneurship has become a popular choice. If you do not have much money, you want to do business without the low cost of the shop, may wish to look at the small series of sharing.

online shop

this is the most common form of non store business, entrepreneurs in the online sales of goods, while to pay a domain registration fee, but the cost is still lower than the physical store rent. Online shop on the professional background of entrepreneurs is not high, but it needs to have a certain purchasing channels and marketing capabilities. At present, there are two main ways to open a shop on the Internet, which are gifts, cosmetics, electronic products and used goods.

private consultant

entrepreneurs with a customer’s personal adviser to proficiency in a particular line, and to provide services.

is very popular in Europe and the United States in this way, and it has the following services:

beauty consultant

use wedding, banquet, party and other business opportunities, to provide customers with one on one beauty services, including skin care, clothing, image design, fashion information, etc..

health consultant

, such as a personal psychological consultant, a private dentist, a personal weight loss consultant, a personal care consultant, etc.. With the improvement of people’s health awareness, the private health care sector contains great business opportunities.

financial advisor

tailored to the customer’s asset structure, income and investment needs, tailored financial plan or provide investment portfolio professional advice. Legal counsel for the purchase of home buyers, business investment or children to study abroad to provide consulting services.

personal studio

personal studio has 3 types:

1. creative, creative ideas or talent show, such as writing, music, photography, painting and other technology; 2, mainly to provide technical services, such as software design, web design, system maintenance and translation; 3 consultation, planning, public relations and other advisory services.

business has many kinds, like this can not shop business industry are also many, these three kinds of forms are popular store choosing and recommending business

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