What are the skills to snatch customers

is now the number of shops in all walks of life are very much, so they have to grab the problem. If you want to store the number of guests more, naturally also need to have more customers. However, a store wants to grab more customers, in fact, have skills to speak of. So, what are the skills of the store to snatch customers?

pay attention to the emotional connection with consumers

lingshouhu Ms. Qiu said: "if we want to do business, to handle the relationship with consumers, the most important thing is honesty, do not sell cigarettes, cultivate repeat customers, sell a cigarette, will make your credibility, then people will not come again, the more I shop fixed consumers. The reason is that I don’t sell cigarettes. Pay attention to the cultivation and feelings of consumers, such as some of the repeat near ripe, see people know what kind of people often smoke.

For example,

a few days ago there was a very familiar to consumers to buy cigarettes, I found him a little cough, advised him to smoke less, the best for a low tar content of some brands to smoke, and recommended it to him some cigarettes. At that time he was very happy, and now he has been here to buy cigarettes, very much to our trust, and sometimes give me a business, to become a good friend of mine."

to understand the needs of consumers, providing personalized service

lingshouhu Mr. Chen said: "I opened the shop in the vicinity of the station, the flow of personnel, cigarette sales shop is also more intense competition, how to win in the competition, to win more customers, I spent a lot of thought. Later, I think the station, people flow, consumers need a resting place, and in front of my shop has a relatively large space, I try holding the idea, in my shop put a few tables and chairs, placed on the hot water, free of charge, as expected, attracted many consumers. In this way, my cigarette sales increased significantly, business booming."

do a good job store clean, attract consumers

retailer Ms. Sun said: "in order to attract consumers to keep the store clean, the price tag on the cigarette neatly stacked neatly, far away look can give people a clean feeling. In addition, I arranged in front of the counter, according to the color of cigarettes with the best selling cigarettes on the easy to get place, put the new brand in a prominent position, good results.

of course, here is the skill to snatch customers is not a vicious competition, but the real development of the store to help tips. In short, as long as we are good at observation, more experienced retail users to learn, learn from their good driving methods of operation, learn their own use, our business will have a positive progress.

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