Xining north foot of the construction of a new 1 2 square meters of permanent green garden

This year, tens of thousands of people in the successful organization of Beishan rock under the settlement, Xining City, focus on building a permanent green space in the Beishan at the foot of the 6000 acres of land, the implementation of this project will enable the city’s new green area of 1.2 square meters per capita. In addition, Xining has also issued a "Xining Beishan beautiful garden permanent green management approach" to ensure that the city’s green space in the area of permanent public green property.

in recent years, under the joint efforts of the province and the city, as a major livelihood projects in the north of the dangerous rock comprehensive treatment project has achieved remarkable results. Especially since last year, the city of Xining great efforts to completely eliminate the danger of the lives of tens of thousands of people under the danger of dangerous property, so that tens of thousands of people to get rid of the immediate threat of dangerous rock mass. On this basis, in order to improve and protect the ecological environment, improve air quality significantly, so that the east gate of Xining and the northern landscape of Xining city in Xining decided to take on an altogether new aspect, Beishan area construction of permanent green theme park. And no unit or individual shall be allowed to change the nature of the permanent green land, shall not engage in the development of green landscape, construction, management, production, leasing and other activities.

Xining municipal government and will be officially implemented from March 1st, through the recent "measures" management of beautiful garden Xining Beishan permanent green regulations, small East Gate Xiakou Ning Hu Ning expressway, West Qi City Interchange, South Ning expressway, Xiping expressway, South Bridge, Bayi Road for you community area connected with the North Beishan beautiful park green area of Xining Beishan permanent green by the competent department of city planning administration to determine and set the boundary identification. Requirements of the relevant departments of the municipal government and East District, North District government to establish a permanent green space construction and protection mechanism, increase the city greening funds, the maintenance and management costs included in the budget, to ensure permanent green space planning and construction and maintenance management. City Landscaping administrative departments responsible for the planning, construction and maintenance management of the beautiful garden. Strictly regulate the supervision and management of the region, put an end to the occurrence of various types of violations, the approach clearly refined the relevant provisions of punishment.

currently, the city’s forestry sector is actively doing earthwork backfill, land leveling, tree species selection, etc.. In late March, entered the stage of seedling, trees greening, to ensure that before the end of May the permanent landscape shape, to the end of the year, the completion of a comprehensive park landscape. (author: Han Yihua)


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