Xining city north of the general budget revenue of 70% into the livelihood of the people

this year, the North District of Xining City, actively support the "three rural" overall development, continue to increase the development of education, social security system, public health, and increase the city infrastructure construction and maintenance efforts, the annual schedule of livelihood spending accounted for the general budget expenditures accounted for more than 73%. Among them, for the new rural construction funds reached 31 million 800 thousand yuan, an increase of 11 million 300 thousand yuan more than in 2011; arrangement of education funds 25 million yuan, 8 million 560 thousand yuan more than in 2011; social security and employment expenditure 30 million 170 thousand yuan, 12 million 800 thousand yuan more than in 2011, the implementation of health expenditure 10 million 90 thousand yuan, 2 million 770 thousand yuan more than last year.

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