Huangyuan County efforts to create sunshine subsistence Huimin project

First, strict management procedures to promote the classification management

is a strict management procedures to promote the classification management. strictly apply for insurance, income into the household survey, evaluation, supervision and reporting, audit approval of "five close", publicity of low object, the minimum standard, compensation amount, and the application list, the list of audit and approval list, effectively prevent the human security, security relationship and other bad phenomenon. According to the target age, health status, family income, the classification of urban and rural households, providing a strong guarantee for the basic life of different types of difficult people.

two is to strengthen the management of funds to improve the efficiency of use. set up a special fund accounts, the implementation of special account management, earmarking. Strengthen the supervision and management of subsistence allowances, and standardize the use of funds. Low premiums paid to the implementation of social distribution of "one card", namely the financial institutions directly to low premiums issued low households hands, to ensure that the minimum payment is withheld, misappropriated and safe operation.

three is to implement the relevant policies, standardize the file management. strictly implement the system, in accordance with the graded responsibility, layers of implementation "principle, respectively, establish and improve the county and township (town), village (community) low object files, guaranteeing that the object file on the implementation of scientific management, scientific classification, to a file, a file can be found.

four is a sound audit mechanism to strengthen dynamic management. work guaranteeing perfect entry and exit mechanisms, earnestly implement the city residents object monthly audit, rural residents object annual audit system, in strict accordance with the examination and approval procedures apply for operation, do real, guaranteeing that the object accurately recognized by the masses.


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