Joy and peace over the new year Tibetan train drivers to greet the new year

2 8, the ancient city of Xining is decorated, filled with a strong flavor of the year, this day of lunar new year, also in 2016 the Tibetan New Year’s eve.

"feel shy, not this time at home with you together over the Tibetan New year!" Before going out, the Tibetan train driver Lo Song Ciugene apologized to his wife and children. At 12:30, he set off from home, went straight to the Xining locomotive depot, at this time the scheduling indoor crowd, running east west train drivers who have come to attend the attendance office procedures. Lo Song Ciugene and his partner Li Zhongqiu to receive the keys and locomotive kits, boarded the locomotive, ready to execute management tasks.

Lo Song Ciugene, the Qinghai Tibet railway company is Xining’s only passenger depot a Tibetan train driver, also in his hometown — Tibet Zuogong County Changdu area only a train driver, safe driving has reached 700 thousand km.

"bow up." Lo Song Ciugene while answering the call, while on the driver’s console input all kinds of traffic information. 14:30, he drove a harmonious electric locomotive to leave the Xining locomotive depot gate, heading for Xining Railway Station. 14:52, the driver Li Zhongqiu out of the driver’s cab, holding a red and white signal flag, directing the locomotive to hang the head job. 15 02, for Z917 electric locomotive head Tibet train pulled away from the Xining Railway Station.

"from Yunnan in 2003 graduated from The Railway Machanical School of Kunming this year to work, the twinkling of an eye for 12 years. From the diesel locomotive driver to the electric locomotive driver, light driver’s license for 2……" On the way to break short, Luosongciren chats with Li Zhongqiu home.


02, the locomotive parked in the Delingha Railway Station, Luosongciren with a flashlight and point to the car under the thermostat. He bent the waist, through the flashlight light, carefully check the locomotive running department, each to the locomotive wheel set, must use the temperature detector wheel alignment axis temperature detection.

"I have 4 years did not return home, each home to 8 hours from Xining by bus to the Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai Province, from Yushu to the road basically okay Zuogong County, from the county to the town but it is difficult to walk away, the vehicles can not pass, and others can sit together cross-country car home, if one day my hometown by train, I can open the train back home." Lo Song Ciugene said.


02, when Z917 Tibet train arrived at the Golmud station, is Luosongciren back ground lights, the first thing is to send a message to his wife: "safe arrival in Golmud tomorrow, Z918 back to Xining, the year of the monkey Zahid Le!"


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