Environmental law to investigate illegal multi initiatives Chang Ping Road

reporter from the provincial highway law enforcement corps was informed that in 2017, transportation of fixed asset investment in our province will reach 42 billion 600 million, the province’s 37 key highway construction projects, the eastern city group construction and traffic smooth Xining project, as well as a large number of highway upgrade project will continue to implement the implementation of the highway construction project, will make the network the structure of our province is changing, road traffic mileage increasing, the law enforcement supervision of expanding the coverage, which means of transportation safety management situation is grim in our province.

in recent years, our province based on industry practice, a profound analysis of the management trend, speed up efforts to improve the information system construction and controlling grid system, enhance the management level of the whole industry and the ability of administration according to law. Since last year, the province investigated a total of 1860 kinds of road related cases. Among them, 697 cases of punishment, the confiscation of a fine of more than $10000 yuan; pay compensation (compensation) cases from the beginning of the collection of compensation (compensation) compensation fee of more than 747 yuan, the rate of investigation of the case of the road, the closure rate, the claim rate was 100%, and the rate of compensation was about $1163, which was about $72. The overload station cumulative detection of freight vehicles 915732 vehicles, and oversized vehicles 1719 vehicles, unloading 10464 tons of goods, a fine collection of more than 41 yuan. Timely approval of the road 1107, the road toll compensation of more than 884 yuan.

this year, our province will continue to increase highway law enforcement efforts to investigate violations of various types, give full play to the initiative of the highway patrol, timely investigate all kinds of violations involving road, timely recovery of road damage, ensure road property effective supervision, strictly regulate the administrative licensing, construction and operation of highways, plus fast online permission for transportation the online joint approval, earnestly implement the administrative examination and approval of safety evaluation of highway technology of highways, strictly implement the responsibility to do the licensing, licensing cases "zero error". Thorough investigation of oversized vehicles, continue to strengthen the rule over the work, continue to further promote the comprehensive improvement of land and environment, to further promote the railway police joint logistics linkage, improve emergency response capabilities, strengthen the rural highway management guidance.


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