Wang Guosheng met with the chairman of the board of Directors voted to join the people’s Bank of Chi

8 9, the provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng met with the Standing Committee of the CPPCC National Committee, vice chairman of the National Federation of industry and commerce, China Minsheng Investment Board Chairman Dong Wenbiao, Xining.

investment in China well-known entrepreneurs have accompanied the CPPCC Standing Committee, vice chairman of the National Federation of Baibuting group chairman of the board of directors Mao Yonghong, Beijing Huaxin Tong Investment Center chairman Gao Yangyu, Xinhua United Metallurgical Group President Sun Xiang, Beijing Yun Heng capital chairman Peng Yachao, Beijing Kang investment center chairman Luo Haiqiang, Chongqing Zongshen Group Chairman Zun Zongshen, Chinese Qinghua the chairman of the group of Huo Qinghua, China new energy chairman Bai Ruiping and members of the Bank of Harbin, Huaan property insurance, Guangzhou rural commercial bank, Hebei bank, Suzhou bank chairman of the Asian financial cooperation alliance.

wangguosheng welcomed everyone to visit green. He said that China’s investment funds, personnel, industry and other aspects of strong. Over the years, Qinghai adhere to the green low-carbon cycle of development, to create the first zone of circular economy development, new energy, new materials, new industries are booming. We hope that the two sides will give full play to their respective advantages, in the principle of mutual benefit and common development, promote pragmatic cooperation in the field of ecological protection, energy, aviation, tourism, poverty alleviation, community services, home care and other fields.

Dong Wenbiao, visiting entrepreneurs expressed strong willingness to cooperate with Qinghai, have said they would select the project, through the investigation, docking, increase investment, actively participate in the upgrading of Qinghai economic structure adjustment and industrial transformation process.

Wang Yubo, Kuang Chung attended.


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