Qinghai China Ulan fourth golden sea plateau off road vehicle challenge

8 11 April’s fans inside and outside the province concerned "Chinese Ulan Qinghai · (fourth) the Jin Zihai plateau limit car challenge" in the sea area in the Haixi Mongolian Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of gold Wulan County kicked off the 150 riders from all over the country’s automobile and Motorcycle Association, the club participated in the competition.

activity site, racing drivers of the limits of the plateau driving technology, a full range of speed and passion to show the charm, attracting nearly a thousand spectators. It is understood that, in order to fully demonstrate the driver’s skill, the organizing committee set up auto group, Motorcycle Group, Truck Group, all terrain vehicles, UTV vehicles, stage is covered by desert and Gobi landform, saline land, wetlands, sand road and other landforms plateau.

to rely on the unique local desert scenery in Gobi, landscape and the diverse folk culture, through to create a set of travel and exploration, extreme off-road, leisure as one of the extreme sports brand plateau, Ulan show achievements in economic and social development, to further explore the tourism resources and enhance the Ulan Ulan plateau tourism brand, to lay the foundation in order to create the State Tourism County, province tourism County, domestic tourism for the county ".

in recent years, Wulan County, the development of tourism as the industry transformation and upgrading of the "key", according to local conditions, to create the tea card Saline Lake scenic area as a leader, led the county halihatu national Forest Park, Jin Zihai national Desert Park and other attractions development, pushing the rapid development of the tourism industry.


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