Yi Qiang culture industry project profile

In June 11th 2014, China · green economy in Qinghai investment and trade fair interpretation of national cultural industry and Qiang Yi Corridor of Qinghai area projects will be held in the Qinghai hotel. Meeting of the Ministry of Culture Industry Secretary Sun Ruofeng from the historical and cultural heritage, with the attention of academic circles and achievements, Yi Qiang culture industry with 3 levels, the interpretation of the "Yi Qiang culture industry corridor planning" situation. Qinghai province culture and promote the national press and publication department of Yi Qiang culture industry corridor of Qinghai area focused project profile.

in March this year, the Ministry of culture, Ministry of Finance jointly issued the "cultural industry and Qiang Yi Corridor overall planning", this is the planning and development of special regional culture industry of China’s first national level, Sichuan, Guizhou, Yunnan, Tibet, Shaanxi, Gansu, Qinghai and other seven provinces (regions) in the intersection area of planning and construction. According to the Ministry of culture, Ministry of Finance and planning the "Qinghai province culture industry development plan", Qinghai province culture and the press hall completed "Yi Qiang culture industry corridor (Qinghai area) development plan", the state key project planning 33, provincial key projects 28, a total of 61, a total investment of 8 billion 548 million yuan. In June 11th, the project, the development and construction of tourist souvenirs of the Regong Art Hall in Guide to promote eco cultural tourism in the Yellow River base construction project, Xining city cultural industry gathering area projects such as the 10 key projects, has aroused great interest of the guests. The office also conducted the Qinghai cultural industry investment projects signed. 10 foreign enterprises and cultural enterprises in our province contracted, contracted projects, including cultural tourism, cultural products, such as the production of 10 projects, the signing amount of $363 million.


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