Xining City Bureau to carry out special rectification action of knives


news network tool, people’s daily life and production activities, but also the tool to be criminals as fights, robbery and murder and other serious criminal crime, a serious threat to the safety of the people. When the Olympic Games, following 3 years after the rectification of the gun, remediation knife has become the focus of public concern in the province. To this end, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau, the West Branch of 2008 will be designated as the year of the knife treatment, centralized control tool special rectification action in.

tool to provoke the scourge of

According to

Statistics Bureau, all kinds of criminal cases occurred in the west area last year, involving the control of the tool case occurred throughout the year accounted for about 70%, homicide, injury death cases, the victims in addition to 2 foreign per capita is regulated, the knife stabbed to death.

: a case in April 1, 2007 at around 1 am, the suspect Yang Huang mougang with friends after dinner, because the lock dispute and tussle, in the tussle process Yang with a fruit knife stabbed Hwang, died.

occurred on the same day in a building KTV mob knife fight case, a lounge boss Wang take people with machetes rushed to the building, will tie a three cut, after a tie died.

case two: July 27, 2007, Lee in a small beer stalls celebrated his 21 birthday, during more than a dozen people push cup asked light, Lee called because of wine and sleeping Moumou continue to drink up, two people dispute, Lee took out his pocket knife Lee stabbed three knife Lee died.

radical knife urgent

a lot of people involved in the case of the seriousness of the knife is not enough understanding, including some public security authorities believe that the tool is not good tube, and even that there is no need to pipe." West City Public Security Bureau, said the secretary left, but the number of cases of serious criminal cases every year, the knife case to account for the vast majority, resulting in a large number of casualties." Carrying tool users mostly teenagers, their impulsive emotions and self control ability is weak, sometimes for a little thing, you go to war, stabbing, and knife fighting. The branch in January only to carry out a surprise attack on the collection of 25 control tools, the illegal handling of the knives to carry out the investigation, the vast majority of young people under the age of 499.

in order to prevent criminals using knives as weapons of criminal law, the law of the dagger, triangular knife, spring knife and other tools as a control tool, strict control. "But because people lack of knowledge, our province in areas inhabited by ethnic minorities, Mongolia, Tibetan, Hui and other ethnic minorities has always been a sabre custom, in the city of Huangzhong and other places has a knife making history, Gansu Linxia dahejia knife because of excellent quality, in our province have to flow into the control. The tool to control the situation once the society." The director said.

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