Standardized manual to create a ruler service

looking for work, hosting files, apply for a small secured loans, apply for unemployment insurance…… People in life and to human resources and Social Security Bureau to deal with, for the convenience of the masses, the efforts to improve the quality of service window, in August 2014 five in the western province took the lead in writing issued the "Xining city public employment service standardization Handbook" (hereinafter referred to as the standard manual), for the unemployment insurance, apply for zero employment family approval, apply for subsidies, entrepreneurial small secured loans, college graduates report and settled and other employment problems, put forward strict requirements on standardized manual window personnel procedures, from the service to the system within limited period, from the service commitment system to the window unit discipline requirements, the details of each service are standardized.

window echo: community workers Jiang Xiuping said, according to the individual business community before, the required information is not the same problem, standard manual for the uniform provisions in the service process, so that the grass-roots workers have. At the same time, the standard manual also has clear provisions on services to the masses, what kind of service, every business when making service details are stipulated, which engaged in grass-roots employment for 10 years. She said: "to solve the problem of the masses back and forth errands, now the masses of the community work acceptance also increased."

] [reporter witnessed looking for work, the service center of all in one service

window echo: engaged in employment service Wang Yue said that before the introduction of standardized manual not, does not specify what information should be prepared for the corresponding business, staff more randomness. After the publication of the manual, they are in a clear position to be publicized, not;

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