The ten anniversary of the founding of the Western Metropolis Daily was held in Xining

ten years of development, ten years of glorious. These ten years, thank you, all the way with you. Yesterday afternoon, the ten anniversary of the founding of the West Sea metropolis newspaper held a grand meeting in Qinghai province conference center.

provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department Deputy Minister Wang Xiangming, Party Secretary of the Qinghai daily, President and editor in chief Liu Liqun, the provincial press and Publication Bureau deputy director Wu Jiexun, Qinghai daily, Zheng Cheng, Li Lianjun Geming leaders attended the conference. Zhu Xiangfeng, deputy editor in chief of Qinghai daily, and editor in chief of the Western metropolis daily.

thank you, all the way to accompany you, all the way with your support. In ten years, the west city newspaper with the overall situation, always adhere to the correct guidance of public opinion, hold high the banner, around the center, serving the overall situation, grassroots oriented, serving the people, sing the main melody, mainstream media guide, advocating socialist values, carry forward the "five special" spirit and self-confidence open innovation consciousness of Qinghai, constantly improve the level of public opinion guide, create a good atmosphere for the full construction of well-off society and new Qinghai.

thank you, all the way to accompany you, all the way with your love. The West Sea Metropolis Daily is the daily life of the people, concerned about the livelihood of the people, pay attention to your life, emotion is our bounden duty and mission.

"to accelerate social construction to improve people’s livelihood, improve people’s livelihood is a pressing matter of the moment" – this is our consistent pursuit and feelings, close to reality, close to life, close to the masses is our banner high.

thank you, all the way to accompany you, all the way you participate. West City newspaper has been adhering to the "for the state government for the people to solve problems" purpose, shoulder the glorious mission responsibility of the media, expanding and extending service function under the new situation of the media, we have organized the "true relief to hundreds of poor students in action", "reemployment assistance action", "west the reader", "Lin moved Qinghai ten Award" and a series of activities, has extensive influence in society. Especially the Wenchuan earthquake this year, we in the first time by the media’s own influence, the organization of large-scale social welfare activities, only a little more than a month to raise 1 million 620 thousand yuan of social contributions, to show the mainstream media social charisma and social responsibility.

thank you, all the way with you, all the way with your attention. In ten years, the west city newspaper of the party and the government is concerned about, the people concerned about the hot and difficult problems, the near future, to carry out supervision of the construction, adhere to the principle of serving the overall situation, the improvement work, to further strengthen and improve the supervision of public opinion, a number of influential articles produced by many provinces, Xining. City leaders attention and instructions, effectively promote the solution of the problem.

thank you, all the way to accompany you, all the way you care. With ten years of development, at present, the west city newspaper’s influence and improve the credibility, has become a mainstream media to guide public opinion, a spirit of trust house circle, an increasingly rich cultural brand.

thank you, all the way to accompany you, all the way you look forward to. ;

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