Xining City Bureau of Commerce and industry branch to carry out the work of the red shield to protec

for the full implementation of the national industrial and commercial administrative work conference and the national system of rural food market rectification work summary of field conference spirit, to create conditions for agricultural production and farmers’ income, according to the provincial Industrial and Commercial Bureau "on the 2008 red shield to protect farming agricultural law enforcement hundred days notice" spirit, the city of Xining City branch of positive Industrial and Commercial Bureau organize the red shield to protect farming agricultural work.

is to enhance learning awareness, the "five system" management behavior in Qinghai province Industrial and Commercial Bureau regulate agricultural markets and "agricultural commodities in Qinghai province Industrial and Commercial Bureau left (pumping) implementation measures (Trial)" for reference sample issued the relevant departments and the industry and commerce, asked the staff to seriously study, raising awareness, strict implementation; the two is to establish and improve the daily supervision and inspection of agricultural products, and the requirements of the designated person responsible for the supervision of agricultural commodities, detailed division of labor, a clear responsibility; three is to strengthen publicity and implement the responsibility to actively operating households propaganda "five system" and "stay (pumping) sample for reference implementation methods", layers of implementation responsibility, sign responsibility book, with the industry and Commerce signed letters of responsibility for 6, and 10 households signed a guarantee; four is to seriously carry out agricultural goods leave (pumping) kind of reference work, to Qinghai for farmers Industry Co., Ltd. sales of 4 types of highland barley, wheat and vegetable seeds of the 4 category were left (pumping) samples for reference, other business units to stay (pumping) kind of work will be carried out in accordance with the operating conditions of the purchase of households in succession. (author: Kong Linfeng,)



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