Train station two banned unlicensed users

For a long time, the train station there are individual businesses operating without a license, selling expired food and other issues, in order to purify the train station around the market operation order, establish a civilized and orderly market environment, the afternoon of September 17th, north of the city industrial and commercial bureau dispatched law enforcement officers on the train station business households sorted out during the two unlicensed households were in accordance with the law. It is reported that the rectification action is the city of Industrial and Commercial Bureau North Branch of the joint law enforcement team and the three common development, joint law enforcement team focused on the train station around the operating illegal businesses operating without license, selling expired food, no sales of counterfeit goods and other consumer fraud check, check the check 15 households, expired food seized 16 expired bags, drink 11 bottles, two households, a license banned unlicensed households. The special rectification action to further regulate the operation of the west railway station and the surrounding operating order and business behavior.  

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