Xining Management Office conscientiously study and implement the spirit of the Provincial Radio Mana


3 26 afternoon, Xining Radio Management Office held a staff meeting, in accordance with the unified arrangements and requirements of the general assembly, the organization of all cadres and workers to study and implement the province’s 2012 radio management conference.

by the Secretary of the Navy, long Chao an important speech at the meeting of the director general Ma Guoqing entitled "firm across the development of outstanding ability to better serve the construction of Qinghai" four development "and the construction of national defense" work report and learn from the advanced work brothers management office and office of the General Office of the provincial experience etc.. We all agreed that in 2012 the province’s radio management conference is rich in content, clear thinking, focused, clear task, to do a good job in my office this year has played a positive role in guiding.

in order to implement the spirit of the work of the provincial radio management conference, the implementation of good management in the learning process, combined with their own actual situation, the work of 2012 made clear requirements. 2012 Xining Management Office will overcome fewer personnel task difficulty, hearten spirit, closely around the city’s overall economic and social development, adhere to the "theme", "main line" unswervingly, in accordance with the "three, three, a key management service" work requirements, formulate scientific and reasonable management office of Xining 2012 radio management objectives and tasks, go all out do the station verification, special monitoring, major task protection, infrastructure construction and personnel training of the annual work, and strive to overall work to a new level, with practical action to meet the party’s eighteen.


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