Yesterday the eastern part of the province is difficult to dry rain

as the saying goes, "spring rain is as precious as oil." Yesterday, 4 am, Xining sky floated a long time under the rain, although only about 0.3 mm of precipitation, but the public has felt a lot of fresh air. The precipitation can ease the drought in the eastern agricultural region of our province, the reporter learned from the Provincial Meteorological Observatory, due to the small range of precipitation, precipitation is not large, the drought mitigation is not significant.

yesterday, many people go out in the morning and noticed that slightly wet roads are affected by the precipitation, it did not see "patronize" for Xining for a long time precipitation of the people, is a happy thing. Earlier, according to the Provincial Meteorological Bureau expert introduction, from December last year, affected by the northern cold air path north and other factors, continued drought in most areas of our province, from 1981 to 2010 the average value of nearly a week, the eastern agricultural area, Qinghai Lake area without precipitation hit nearly 50 years at the most. As of March 29th, the average number of days has absolute more than 111 days, Xining, Ledu, Guide and other places of peace, there are different degrees of drought, forest (grassland) and fire danger rating appreciation for the orange signal warning signal, a fully and delightfully precipitation make people have been looking forward to, but the precipitation has so many people disappointed. Provincial Meteorological Station Chief meteorological captain Han Youcai told reporters that the precipitation in Xining, Huangyuan, Guide, mutual aid, Menyuan, Haiyan, which appeared in the mutual precipitation center 2.2 mm of rain and snow, the ground is 1 centimeters of snow; Xining rainfall of 0.3 mm, a small rain precipitation; the rest are no, not the drought in eastern agricultural region fundamentally ease the current. Expected 4 days to 5 days, in addition to the Western Hercynian, large areas of our province will appear rainfall, but the rainfall can calculate the eastern agricultural area of the first soaking rain, even after the end of precipitation can be assessed. But in general, the first soaking rain will appear in late April to early May. (author: Rong Lijun)


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