Xining finalists information consumption pilot cities

days ago, the State Ministry of publicity of the first national consumer information pilot cities (counties, districts) in the list, Xining declaration and passed the selection of the respondent, in the 103 election talent shows itself in the city, successfully nominated 68 national the first pilot city information consumption list.

information consumption is a direct or indirect consumption of information products and information services for the consumption of the object, by the personal information consumption, enterprise information consumption and public information consumption. In recent years, with the development of information technology, information consumption has been promoted to the national strategic level, known as the expansion of domestic demand, boost the economy of the new engine.

this information consumption pilot cities in the assessment, the country has 103 cities to declare, and ultimately only 68 finalists. The first batch of selected national consumer information pilot city pilot includes, by the local government, industry, enterprise, community as the main body, the focus on the construction of broadband and TD – LTE information infrastructure, the development of intelligent information products, cultivate new information consumption demonstration projects, the integration of government public service cloud platform, develops the small and medium-sized enterprise e-commerce service platform to guide the information consumer experience to carry out pilot demonstration. The first batch of pilot information consumption for two years, beginning in January 2014, as of the end of December 2015.

it is understood that the city as the first pilot city information consumption, from the government, industry, enterprises and communities around the 4 level, improve the information infrastructure and other 6 pilot content, the implementation of intelligent information product development and other 13 key projects, and strive to the end of 2015, the city’s information consumption reached 12 billion 500 million yuan, accounting for GDP the proportion reached or close to 10%; improve the information infrastructure, information consumption market healthy and active pilot target.

according to the Municipal Economic Commission, the person in charge, in recent years, with the development of information technology, to speed up the urbanization process and the "smart city", "digital Xining" to promote the Internet of things, intelligent terminal has been widely used in the field of finance, education, health, transportation, commerce, social security, and application of information technology is gradually thorough, information consumption growth continued to enlarge. The first three quarters of 2013, the city’s information consumption reached 6 billion 552 million, an increase of 20%.



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