Take the cool express tourists Xining treasure hunt

recently, all over the country in the autumn tiger angry, always sustained high temperatures, so a lot of tourists were attracted to the Xining cool, Xining launched a leisurely tour of "treasure".

a day to feel the four seasons tourists said

August 21st, the reporter saw in the wells Lane market, many tourists in the selection of products of Qinghai at the same time, will choose a shawl for yourself, in just ten minutes, more than and 40 shawls a store that was to buy a space. According to the owner, in addition to the arrival of the tourist season, tourist handicraft sales will be relatively high, some seasonal products will be sold, for example, shawls, fur products. Visitors Ms. Zhou told reporters that the reason to choose this kind of anti season products in this season is considered the climate change in Qinghai, where tourism, the day will be able to see the scenery of the four seasons, the morning is cloudless weather, after several hours of journey, I saw the snow of the snow capped mountains, sometimes the sun is shining, it is a downpour.

Taobao out of all kinds of national characteristics gem

in addition to a number of exquisite workmanship, many tourists are more interested in scouring some of the local characteristics of the gem products. Ms. Ma told reporters for many years engaged in jewelry business, some jewelry products belong to the local specialty, it is difficult to see in other city, even if any other city, the price is very expensive, some gem products not manufactured locally, they have a part from Tibet, Nepal, Thailand, India and other places around the world, whenever there is it is easy to see the national characteristics of the jewelry market in Xining, here is more like a fusion of national jewelry and transfer station, so it is attracting a lot of tourists to the Taobao is one of the important reasons.

Xining leisurely vacation

as required

recently, by the Chinese and foreign summer tourism reputation survey evaluation and Study on the composition of the Asia Pacific Environmental Protection Association, Chinese Institute of city competitiveness, the World Cultural Geography Research Institute of the joint research group, announced the ten Chinese cool cool Xining City, was selected as "2013 Chinese ten summer tourist city". Xining is not only cool cool climate, carefree life atmosphere also become mandatory to many tourists holiday travel. Tourists from Harbin Chen told reporters that Xining should travel as a livable city, more than in the carefree life atmosphere, a whole summer, various international events, major events are held here, will undoubtedly become a respected resort. (author: Wang Qiong)

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