2008 Xining electricity consumption reached a record high of nearly 18 billion kwh

Was informed that in 2008 from the Xining power supply company

days before our consumption of 17 billion 908 million kwh, compared with 2007 16 billion 517 million kwh, up 8.42%, a new record high.

it is understood that in 2008 the city power grid construction and transformation of fixed assets investment 1 billion 176 million yuan, completed and put into operation 750 thousand volt and 330 thousand volt substation of Xining Quan Wan substation, 330 thousand volt substation Yang Le, the expansion of 330 thousand volt substation in Huangyuan, the new and transformation of 5 110 thousand volt substation, new transformer capacity of 328 KVA, add 110 thousand kV and above line 210.7 km. After the transformation and new construction, the main power supply situation in Xining has been greatly improved, which provides a guarantee for the safe and stable operation of the power grid and the increase in electricity consumption.


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