Outstanding entrepreneurial projects in South City debut

8 26, the second session of the entrepreneurship competition achievements of Qinghai province show by the Provincial Department of human resources and social security, the Provincial Department of finance, the provincial education department, provincial science and Technology Department, provincial Party committee and other 11 units jointly sponsored by the curtain opened in Qinghai International Exhibition Center, from the city more than and 290 projects together on the south the display of my province, people’s achievement of innovation and entrepreneurship.

it is understood that in recent years, our province attaches great importance to the public venture, the highly innovative work, develop and organize the implementation of a series of policies and measures to do employment work under the new situation, all localities and departments and units to seriously implement the employment policy, to carry out extensive activities of special employment services of all kinds. Hold all kinds of entrepreneurship competition, entrepreneurship exhibition and tour activities such as lectures, and comprehensively promote entrepreneurship employment promotion work.

exhibits many outstanding projects in this venture contest exhibition, the reporter saw both the robot R & D projects, there are ecological eolian sand, construction waste and agricultural straw as raw materials made of water retaining bricks, these projects are organized by city and state each characteristic of entrepreneurship competition competition and landing the trials, a group of outstanding entrepreneurial projects recommended by the. The results show a large scale, more projects, rich in content, covering more than and 10 areas and industries, innovation and entrepreneurship into more than 290 fruit. Human resources and Social Security Bureau deputy director Su Quanren said that this event, for the province to promote the "double" work, promote scientific and technological achievements into practical productive forces will have a profound impact, at the same time, we want to through entrepreneurial achievement exhibition, to create a good atmosphere to encourage innovation and support Entrepreneurship in the whole society, and strive to stimulate the majority of the people of the potential of innovation and creativity, promote employment through entrepreneurship, innovation and entrepreneurship to drive more people on the road, realize their entrepreneurial dreams."

from Menyuan hide commune exhibitors on behalf of Zhao Zhixiang said: "as the ordinary entrepreneurs, we are in the process of entrepreneurship to enjoy business loans and other support policies, did not expect with the outcome of this exhibition platform to promote enterprise. Now through the government to build a variety of platforms, we can butt big cities in good ideas, mentors, funds, resources, and further broaden our horizons, improve entrepreneurial ability. We are fortunate to be a guest of this era."


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