304 people in our province to participate in the National Veterinary qualification examination

10 on Sept. 16, 2016 Qinghai area national veterinary qualification examination examination in Xining city. Registration through the network, from the province of animal husbandry and veterinary fronts, animal clinics, new graduates and other related industries 304 people participated in the examination.

it is understood that the national practice of veterinary qualification examination is the industry admission examination, is to assess whether the application of veterinary practitioners who have the necessary professional knowledge and skills in veterinary examination. Qinghai Province in 2010 began to organize the implementation of the National Veterinary qualification examination, examination veterinary qualification examination personnel for a total of 2916 people, as of 2015 through the examination personnel a total of 426 people (including the Ministry of agriculture awarded 117 people practicing veterinary), the veterinary practitioner of 267 people, 159 people practicing assistant veterinarians.

according to the provincial animal husbandry department responsible person, the National Veterinary qualification examination for inspection by the Ministry of agriculture and animal husbandry department is divided into two levels, practicing veterinarians and veterinary assistant practicing examination, the veterinary qualification examination for a veterinary and aquatic animal class two. Candidates will use one day to carry out the basic subjects, prevention subjects, clinical subjects, comprehensive application of 4 subjects examination. From this year’s enrollment situation, the province’s applicants tend to younger, academic level significantly improved.


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