The best selling products not only consider the regulars

shop business, because of the different market demand, there will always be a variety of best-selling products and unsalable products. In order to attract many regular customers, the shop owner will be some little best-selling products to repeat sales. In fact, in the process of the daily operation of the shop, selling products can not just consider the VIP oh.

is now selling tobacco and tobacco are unsalable collocation of side by side into the business shop, store owners selling cigarette look particularly valuable, generally leave it with regular customers or clients. But one thing that happened recently made me change my mind.

One morning a few days before

, when my business is busy, to a strange customer, need a bag of Nanjing (Jin Sha), I said no, recommend other brands to him, and turned toward the customer in front of the shop to go. It was strange when the customer back through my shop, happened to see a customer holding a bag (Jinsha) in Nanjing to go out, he did not say what was, by the eye only gave me away, I feel very ugly, but a strange customer only, not in your heart.

just opened the door the morning of the second day, and saw the strange customer with the Waldo Hotel buyer Zhang Xiao came to my shop, but they did not stop, but after my shop to go forward. I smiled towards Sally, he ignored, just a wink at. I feel rather baffling, Waldo Hotel from my store recently, standing in my shop can directly see the door of the hotel, in the past, what need Zhang, standing in front of the hotel, put hands I know he needs many things, and then weighed, wrapped, he came and took away.

How did

change today? Just wondering when I saw Zhang, from the market the bags carry over, egg, bean curd, pepper, these things are from the past, I shop today, how to change the place. I was a bit puzzled, so he and the stranger walked into the hotel, I dialed Zhang’s mobile phone, he only said one sentence, the stranger is his new manager, I have a heart completely cold, a box of cigarettes have offended the God of wealth.

if not considering them, naturally they will not offend the manager, so it will not cause the loss of natural. Therefore, through this matter, I draw a conclusion, selling cigarettes should allow you to share, not only for regular customers. In fact, not only to sell cigarettes, any product, should be aware of such a truth.

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