Reasons for creating content by users

because of the continuous improvement of Baidu, original articles have become personal Adsense weakness, personal Adsense not so much resources, you can create so many original articles. This has gradually become a watershed for big websites and small websites. In the false original gradually invalid today, how to create more original article is you Adsense most headache thing. But most webmaster is focused on how to tap the search engine that the original article, and not to study how to let users create content for their own web site. Today, Guo Hanyu has studied the types of content that users will actively create for your reference.

1, in order to chain

this limit and stationmaster circle, representing is A5 stationmaster net bar. Most people in A5 write original, are directed at the A5 weight, high rate of reprint, can take the chain of this reason. Undoubtedly, this model in the webmaster circle is the most perfect model, on the one hand, users can learn knowledge, learn knowledge, know the importance of the chain, also try to create content for the chain. Such a virtuous cycle is something that no other web site can do. Of course, in addition to this, there are other professional websites, such as information networks, but also the user to create content, with the chain of place. But those places are less demanding because of content originality, so the content value created by the users who create content for the outside chain is not very high.

2, in order to answer questions,


" stands for Baidu, love and other questions and answers platform. The Internet is a convenient platform, but because of the complexity of the information and the speed of updating the information. A lot of answers through the web site consultation, often faster than their query. So, as long as there is a place where professionals can consult, there will be users to consult. The question and answer process is also the process of content creation, both worlds. In addition to the large question and answer platform, many professional websites and forums have mutual help plates, such as SEOWHY, which is a good model.

3, for fame

The biggest representative of

is the column of the major websites. Many people on the above to express their views, relying on the big website, professional website reputation, as long as their views get everyone’s approval, and slowly you will be honored. There are many websites have created the stars, such as potatoes, creating energy-saving, embarrassed and so on.

4, in order to marketing

soft Wen is now often used marketing methods. Very large companies have their own copy, a good soft Wen created value is unlimited. This requirement is relatively high, generally for the marketing of soft Wen is released to the big net professional website above, and even most of the charges. This is more profitable than the A5 model, but also on a stratum.

5, for the present

The representative of

is the cosmetics trial platform, and many cosmetics websites use cosmetics to give users a try

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