Talk about personal webmaster how to do BBS management

network freedom and interaction, reflected in the news website, mostly in the community or forum form, for example, "the forum", "development forum" and the public network "public community" etc.. Because users will launch the intense discussion and debate on the current hot or key, so as to form a strong impact of public opinion, this effect further will affect the traditional media reports and opinions, and even affect the relevant departments of the government.

forum manager quality requirements

public opinion guidance is the eternal theme of the news media. Because of the characteristics of network communication, Internet users can use the virtual capacity to speak in the network, which has both rational and constructive views and views, and also some irrational personal emotion catharsis. The netizen’s name is virtual, if there is no moral restraint, without any politics, ideology, technology, text and logical ability examination, which will offer excellent stage information counterfeiters and rumors spread, so that they can making irresponsible remarks on the Internet, or deliberately spreading false information making a mess. The administrator of the forum must do a good job in guiding public opinion, remove false and irresponsible remarks, and control the overall mood of the forum so as to make the forum move in an active, open, stable and United way.

first, the work should be careful, responsible, to prevent false news, abuse, attack, advertising, pornography, violence, superstition, gambling and other issues of the post. If it is not Nishajuxia, filtering and control of dragons and fishes jumbled together information, not users of information publishing and receiving behavior to guide the entire forum is bound to suffer a lot. Administrators in the forum to influence the community at the same time, to ensure that the forum should bear the social responsibility.

two should be guided by public opinion, pay attention to study, master some common sense of law, and understand the current policies and policies of the state. The Forum on some important topics, to have the foresight to guide, to hold no speech, should actively consult the authority departments and experts. Statements that violate the laws and regulations must be deleted or altered in accordance with the principles and policies of the state, and shall be modified or deleted according to their degrees. Pay attention to the protection of intellectual property rights and copyright, and do not let the forum become a vacuum zone for copyright protection. Pay attention to the principle of confidentiality, and some issues involving military secrets, state secrets and historical issues should be highly vigilant. Do not let the forum become a channel to reveal state secrets.

three is to deal with the forum, to maintain the "three excellencies", that is fair, just and open. To avoid the forum in the privilege of thinking, pay attention to resolve the contradiction between forum administrators themselves do not participate in the debate, and to deal with the problem to justice and democracy, listen to the opinions of Internet users, it is "law" may, "" will violate the law here, the first is the national laws and regulations, followed by national guidelines and policies then, the forum management regulations. To avoid dealing with emotional problems, try not to arouse the majority of Internet users resentment and emotional rebound. We should guard against the tendency of vulgarization in the forum, control the use of uncivilized language, and pay attention to the extremes of regional disputes

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