The role of website navigation and brand effect

has undergone a series of changes, the revision of the new station finally came to an end, and the more prominent place is navigation and highlighted the brand effect. Before the revision and exciting network data analysis director Ding Li, director of Minsheng Bank – Yong greatly understand communication button for a period of time, they gave me the most favorable opinion is navigation and brand. Thank you for this first. Here is the revised navigation:

navigation after revision:

personal analysis, baby belt, parenting community, revision and revision of the gap before

user experience:

brand: when the user came to the site, the user does not know the name of the station, for example, before the revision, logo is the parent site · the baby’s home, did not experience the site name and brand effect. Let users not know how to find the site next time.

navigation: through the IP analysis of flow in the station is very clear when users enter the site rarely to visit some modules of navigation, because before simply divided parenting knowledge, parent-child forum, baby home. According to the Internet, now the parenting site has mushroomed out of the momentum, so that our users often see forums, knowledge and some of the text, so it has been numb. When you look at the latter, it may be different, because the source of the traffic is mostly advisory, and there is a clear classification when visiting.

as shown in figure


has 10 small classification in parenting advice, in 10 small classification in navigation line segmentation is 3 stage classification: such as preparation for pregnancy, pregnancy and childbirth as a stage, age is a stage, belongs to the category of the feeding stage. Such clear decomposition sessions give the user a more obvious sense.

SEO angle:

brand: with the above user experience, when you know your site is called "baby zone", if you have the goal to search, you will definitely be ranked first. But if you do not have the effect of the above brand, then you do not exist in this keyword necessary,

note: this site GG search baby zone is the first, baidu temporarily not included, according to analysis should be in the audit period.

navigation: from the SEO point of view, exporting a connection for each content page is equal to voting for a page, and exporting it to the classified page in a single page content is a good way to build within the chain. The feeding classification in the chain automatic construction, the export of relative comparison, so now search GG feeding weight is higher than the others.


SEO is a long-term work, the direction is reverse optimization from the inside pages optimization preliminary list page classification module and then like home early May and no weight classification module content page is high, but the latter will emerge.

note: each person’s website size and >

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