Build county forum ten days only five words difficult to go to the blue sky


above is ten days of statistics, very general, from 7 to 17, GG included more than 70, Baidu yesterday included 2, finally opened. A little bit of experience, and share


county level, in general, network awareness is extremely scarce. I set up a new person report in Xiuyan 168, sending a post and saying "OK". Let them learn how to send the first post, I personally feel particularly important. It is necessary for each registered person to learn to post it at the county level forum.


county is relatively poor, with a handful of dogs, a handful of photographers, and perhaps a special lottery. From the book to define the theory, this should be regarded as long tail. County netizen’s long tail. But this seems to be a piece of chicken ribs, tasteless gesture. Because of the relatively tasteless is too little, not make potential at the Forum; as for the gesture is because, in the county town, every user is too important. This piece has been contradictory, I do not know how to solve


on the publicity, the first ten days, basically just fill in the post. But in propaganda on this issue, has always been relatively depressed. There’s no place other than the group and the stick. But to stick it, the total advertising seems to easily lead to resentment, group mail can not be issued several times, and more than words, there is no pop-up tips, and did not send the same hair. The next step is to engage in activities to try


online activities, the initial number of participants will be very small, but I want to try to keep these activities alive, stick to it and go on regular basis. I’m not sure about it, but it’s worth trying,


line activities, is not in addition to eat early in the KTV, can not figure out anything else? Oh, ready to eat from the beginning, we all like to estimate.

says so much, the last ad:) Xiuyan 168 forum

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