Do not go in the end in the world easecredit need to re examine their own

everything from reality, theory with practice, practice is the only way to test the truth, etc., famous saying, I think everyone is not strange. The intention behind these words is obviously to hope that we can integrate more practical thinking into the analysis of the problem.

this is the truth, and it can be found in a variety of product examples around us. Yi Xin, a product that has attracted enough attention, is now disappearing into the busy Internet technology. Although the NetEase still insist that easecredit is a successful product, and to seek development opportunities in the difference with WeChat’s competition, but from the side of the data currently available, easy to believe the existence value of more things worth pondering.

said in the letter before the value of the letter, we summed up the easy letter when it was founded on the main advantage.

1 uses the support of operators to minimize the cost of selling products, and benefits consumers from phone calls and other tangible mobile phone consumption, and builds early users.

2 is easy to believe and can be used between three networks, and the cost of users can be reduced to a certain extent. This can be as much as possible by the mobile phone users to expand their own.

3 backed by NetEase Internet technology, channels, resources and brand advantages are obvious, and the traditional operators to help, the development of resistance is small.

4 based functions and in WeChat’s major competitors more complete, you can find friends with speech recognition, the user opens the password to unlock the function of easecredit, friends can chat, send free voice and text chat, pictures of the wing.

5 user groups can be trained with the help of NetEase.

is easy to believe the above development first advantage, now is not a small point, should be favorable for the market, but also easy to believe its operations team humble attitude but also make the product itself have a positive year, so now the state tepid to explain what


I think easecredit although to many users provide preferential policies and service charges, and the user interests in the first place, and also in line with the new marketing strategy of market economics advocated the first stable, but as a latecomer, only a discount is not enough, you are unable to use the consumer does not overlap the experience, in the face of increasingly calm WeChat users, easy to expand the area of the letter is not too big, average costs will also increase, is now no attention or because now easecredit didn’t get rid of a follower of the situation, the product function is behind easecredit overlap fiery weakness.

is clearly not the NetEase do social strengths, as the Tencent started with instant messaging company, over the years for social pour also for everyone to brand value, in such a condition, WeChat is obviously easy to expand the circle of acquaintances.

is easier said than done

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