College students choose their websites according to their major

I was a medical student, senior year, and graduated a year, from the beginning of establishment in the outdated register, behind the times and learned a lot of knowledge, just before the visit, is a faithful diver came out today and we exchange station experience, although I did not like you have the same master a lot of websites, but I am also earnest do stand, the following is me and you exchange.

my site "Chinese male nurse" was established in May 12, 2006, chose this day, because the theme of the site, that is precisely the nurses day, comply with the site location, but also pave the way for future promotion. I try to do this site I experience it, in 2004, my college entrance, learning is a professional nursing, initially interested in network technology, in the Baidu search for "male nurse", there has been no information I need, then there is a site of the idea, but not to the level. Only the ik8 registered a free space, simple several pages on the job after a long time did not intervene, a few months after the occasional login background, found amazing views (then I think one day 100ip is very much), then more determined to make a website’s idea, because network technology is not a professional school, met a lot of difficulties, even now, I often see this book, then buy a mobile phone, accidentally discovered a mobile blog, registration The divided a few columns, take a large amount of name, after browsing is (, one thing happened later gave me a lot of touch, a netizen wrote to me, I said to do a forum, set the domestic male nurses, convenient to exchange, also referred to "work hard to find a male nurse" and the like, after I see is stepping up the pace of learning ASP (I thought all write their own website, not the concept of CMS).

since the construction of male nurses site plan, I looked at a little famous domestic nurse website (just one year, many websites now could not persist, see their website structure), made a "Chinese male nurse net", the first site is boiling website system used. There is a story that I do is static page, occasionally to download a website source code, I was excited for a long time, the original site can also do so, tell the truth, was guilty for quite a while, that their CMS is stealing the fruits of their labor, it is ridiculous. At that time, the day was difficult, and did not buy a notebook, all in the Internet bar to do, and endure an overnight, registered domain name, or ask others how to do a records,

with my own understanding of web technology, slowly leaving the boiling, to move easily, see how the Comrades like SEO in the forum, see my own website, basically did not do what optimization, ranking is also successfully joined the dmoz>

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