500 pieces the king bought my dream next

500IP this number has been going on for a month, and I know what heaven is and what hell is. Baidu these two words let me love and hate, she gave me hope, but also gave me despair. After two months, I couldn’t stand the feeling of falling from heaven to hell. I chose to give up, and I stopped updating my website. I smoked two packs of cigarettes that day, and I never smoked before that day.

although I chose to give up, vowed vowed never to do personal websites. Two months, 60 days and nights, destroyed my vow of firmness. For 60 days and nights, although I stopped updating my website, I persisted in diving behind the scenes to see the winners and losers behind the times. Happy for the successful, dejected for the loser. I think I did not update the site I was no longer a webmaster, but I was in the fall behind made a good friend, he said a word to me, let me now don’t forget "you think you don’t update the site, you are not the webmaster. Even if you don’t do it for the rest of your life, as long as you still pay attention to the outdated, pay attention to what failure and success of the webmaster. You will always be a webmaster, even if you do not have your own website, but your heart is still in the behind, what is left behind, left behind in my heart is equal to the webmaster "his words let me wake up, I really do not webmaster, why am I so love fall behind. Why so much like to listen to some webmaster bragging on the forum, some of the webmaster in the forum appeal bitter. I thought for a long time that day…………

is in the new 2006, under the guidance of an outdated friend. I’ve decided to reopen the network Clerk (that’s my name).

because I’m two months behind, I’ve learned a lot. Know the weight, key words, PR value, collection, server……

so I’m prepared to either do it or make it bigger and stronger. So I decided to rent a server to do the station. At that time, the market novel stand only Jackie, Vinci, the end. End point is free, I used only suitable for small sites, not for me, I used that station is used by Vinci Vinci, originally wanted the commercial version, but can not find Vinci’s cracked version, finally find a good program, with Jackie 1.2 crack version, is a fall Wu who sold me. A 50, and I’m very happy. At that time the network could not find free Jieqi cracked version of the program, there are also charges, and the crack is expensive. Later, I know a period with me do novel station, also with Jackie cracked version, he is also a not outdated, find a straggler bought, spent three thousand yuan. So I’m very grateful to the laggard who sold my program and didn’t fool me.

selected procedures, have a domain name, and finally there is no choice server. After some webmaster friends, the final recommendation of the purple fields and off, and I chose the passenger, because purple tin price is too high. Although it is only a small gap between 699 and 599, but for monthly income >

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