Five years of grassroots webmaster my ascetic journey


cells are active recently, so think of today to write such an article, before reading "small owners opened the Internet not imagine the ascetic journey" found a lot of emotion, has also been encouraging, today the heart started to beat this article. I and the majority of grassroots webmaster are similar, but ordinary people, write this article here also hope to give the grassroots webmaster bring resonance, but also to record my website five years of operation of the mind.

first of IT interests is the premise, this is my website can stick to the source of power now, although interest is dynamic but also a test of our patience, interest at the time of the axle and the like big brother Lu as one falls, another rises, said "there is someone who can tolerate your nonsense on the Internet every day. Sit for a day of TM do not make money?".

back to my site over the past five years seems to be too soon, as the "small owners opened the Internet not imagine the ascetic journey" article said "if the vast Internet information in those people who are mainstay? I will not hesitate to say that they are small and medium-sized webmaster! Create search engine industry in 80%, they are contributors, promoters, they let all the information become more valuable, more simple, and convergence of technology and experience, every kind of feeling back to search demand. Whether it is their own creation of content or, or processed in content based on modification and sublimation of others or, or the contents of a few comments or praise, they make information because people’s wisdom behavior is more valuable." I was not cold on the people, so that the "content" of the contribution is almost negligible, can say is a content collector. Yet when the fun began to build their own learning idea is to use the technology to build a high-quality graphic share site, is also one of my hopes. Admitting that it was hoped that the site would make a profit, it later found out how hard it was.

in the network age of the 2005 (my college days, the University, I really started to touch computers), I started my career as a IT designer, rather than a designer at best. Looked at the time the Korean FLASH station is quite Niubi, all students in the world of Warcraft, StarCraft, legend PK upgrade, I flash it, Baidu to create a variety of learning a FLASH personal site, can load the MP3 music, can leave a message, can point work, students still show off in front of a at that time, a lot of people loyal to the heat (except on another important thing I did not delay the talk is a good girl, and this is also the key I now have a good wife. ). When do FLASH message technology contact the technical background, then I use ASP because I think this can understand, at first I was in line two force search questions comparing various web development technologies that most cattle, I chose JSP, bought a JSP book, this is me buy technical books only number >

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