ncomplete 2 website endless sentimental

saw the last station, the hands of the heart have mixed feelings, maybe this is the last time to play, perhaps will never leave the internet. Perhaps there are many reluctant, perhaps there are many disappointments, but for a disappearing in the network of people, which is the final struggle, although I understand the meaning of the station, but also to understand what they are doing is valuable. But how about that,


original into company is to the Internet, to the webmaster dream, round the clock after more than four months, on the more than 100 day of the industry time, finally the pregnancy in October as their website to children born child, the boss at the last moment stuck in the chair to face up the boss. At that moment, I am deeply disappointed, I deeply feel helpless! Two days later I wrote a letter of resignation from Liang Qichao before dying if inside: "strong kill the thief, powerless, pain is pain!" so I go, as I gently gently away the ABSP, do not take a cloud! To hesitate to also resolutely refuse. The boss didn’t leave me, because I know now that 2 years after It is all up with, to bring the brothers to go to Beijing, 3 years later to everyone a car oath, rang in my ears. But everything is gone now,


may consume a man of confidence than let him lose his job, lying in the bedroom is very decadent! Mobile phone was stolen on Valentine’s day, the broadband telecommunications to the stage, students go out for work! In the lonely bored in the exclusive taste the taste of failure.

fear one day, one of my classmates called me over to help them make the website, offer the basic salary is 700 yuan +5% shares, but for me, these are a lot, but in the process of talking, because they are in great difference on stock website, 08 years of economic trend, I always think there must be 08 years of economic crisis, is unable to estimate the size of his. On the other hand, although the website now has cash flow can survive. But now the website flow only 2000, although good, but it still needs a breakthrough in the development of long-term accumulation, put their hopes in the risk investment instead of adhere to the independent development of self-reliance. So I finally backed off. I smoked a lot and stayed up early that night, but I didn’t sleep…..

after two days is more lonely, who have no money, no quit salary had to surf the Internet with Fetion sent a message to his brother, told his brother hurriedly call money! Brother was very surprised, but not what

!When this Sunday

went to the talent market, the vast sea of that huge crowds of people,! Search e-commerce in hundreds of enterprises, finally found a home, ran past, ask the network marketing fast do what that guy said: "your resume is mainly selling website space domain by telephone. Website construction >

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